Sunday, 6 December 2015

B&D Approach #126 - Hakim Green

Gamma Krush talks with Hakim Green about his career, a couple current issues in hip hop, and the 20th Anniversary of Mad Izm.
Followed by a set of Hakim features and faves.
  1. Hip Hop Nation - Channel Live ft. S-Five
  2. Sex for the Sport - Channel Live
  3. Free Mumia - KRS One ft. Channel Live
  4. Is It A Dream - Channel Live
  5. Heads Get Split - Channel Live & Corey Harris
  6. Lock It Up - Channel Live
  7. Crack and the Electric Chair - Everliven Sound ft. Hakim Green
  8. Six Cents - Channel Live
  9. Mad Izm 2015 - Hakim Green ft. Du It All, Dyme A  Dzn, Minty Burns, Treach, Keith Murray
Gadget - Come & Go instrumental

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